• Become a client

    • Become a client

      Why choose Colabor

      Colabor is a leading distributor of food products and related products in Eastern Canada. In 2012, the Company celebrated its 50th anniversary.
      Colabor distributes 10,000 products to 5,000 institutions and businesses in Quebec and the Maritimes. It relies on a vast network of more than 70 independent distributors and sources products from 600 suppliers.
      The Company has patiently built a success story spanning 50 years in close partnership with distributors, suppliers, and customers.
      When you choose Colabor, you get a proven and effective business partner.

      Are you a distributor?

      Be part of a strong network that covers Quebec and part of the Maritimes.

      Are you a supplier?

      Your products can potentially be distributed to 8,000 points of sale in 3 provinces.

      Do you operate in the retail or foodservice sector?

      Thanks to Colabor, you benefit from an unmatched selection of food and related products. Products are delivered just in time and are optimally packaged. Orders can be placed on the phone or online using a safe and extremely effective centralized system.
      Colabor will be a leading partner in your business growth.
      Contact our customer service line at 1-800-465-5262 Ext. 1234. A representative will discuss what we can do for you based on your specific situation and needs.

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