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assiette_legumesColabor Food Distributor for Quebec and the Maritimes, a member of Colabor Group, is the leading food product distributor in Canada. It offers more than 15 000 to over 8 000 clients in the foodservice, restaurant, and retail sectors.

The company distributes its products from two storage facilities in key locations on its territory: Saint-Nicolas (south shore of Quebec City) and Rimouski. These warehouses provide 265 000 square feet of capacity, in addition to Edmundston, Chicoutimi and Trois-Rivières which serve as transshipment to accelerate the logistic flow.

Colabor Food Distributor is the result of a merger between four major players in the food distribution market—all of which are proud of their long-standing history: Bertrand (established in 1961), RTD (established in 1949), Edfrex (established in 1945) and Marcotte Alimentation (established in 1930). These companies came together to offer the best customer experience in the industry. By maximizing their synergies, they could cover a wider geographical market while continuing to offer a major product variety.

« The best client experience » in the industry

We continuously test and monitor our operations in order to increase our effectiveness.

In addition, we understand that all clients have specific needs depending on their sectors of activity, geographical locations, and their own clients’ requirements. We favor a proactive communications approach that helps us learn how we can improve our operations and serve our clientele more effectively.

24/7 online ordering

Thanks to our 24/7 ordering system, our clients can place their orders when it is most convenient for them. Our transactional web site, which is very practical and highly appreciated, facilitates inventory management and operational planning. It also enables clients to view their profiles when they place their orders.

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