Mission, vision, values


Colabor’s mission is to distribute the best products, at the best price, with outstanding customer service.

To achieve its mission, Colabor negotiates with hundreds of suppliers to obtain the best quality-price ratio for its products. In addition, the Company continues to develop its distribution network in efforts to extend its scope and strengthen its market position.


Colabor’s growth initiatives support its vision of being a leader in Canada in food distribution in the foodservice and retail sales sectors.


Four fundamental and complementary values guide the Company’s management and personnel in all decisions, great and small, and all operations:

  • Effectiveness
  • Initiative
  • Team work
  • Respect

Effectiveness generates results. Colabor is an effective company both in terms of decision-making and operations.

Initiative contributes to organizational progress. At Colabor, everyone can share his or her ideas for improving performance and achieving greater effectiveness.

Team work is essential to achieving success. Personnel who enjoy support from colleagues have the confidence to show initiative.

Respect – for customers, colleagues, and suppliers – is the basis of harmonious business relationships. It is the foundation of cooperation and a stepping stone to team work.

The presence of respect, team work, initiative, and effectiveness make for solid business results.

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