Added value

Colabor enhances its clients’ profitability

Retail and foodservice businesses operate in very competitive industries with low profit margins. Consequently, supply costs, logistics, and on-time delivery are crucial issues for companies in these sectors.

Thanks to its high-quality products, attractive price points, reliable services and flexibility, Colabor helps its clients maximize profitability.

Colabor’s competitive advantages include the following:

  • Attractive prices due to its strong purchasing power
  • Vast and extremely well-organized distribution network
  • Just-in-time delivery, which facilitates management, reduces losses, and boosts profitability
  • The most popular national brands and profit-boosting private label brands
  • Approximately 10,000 products
  • Extensive geographical coverage and ongoing expansion
  • Easy ordering

Since 1962, Colabor has actively contributed to its clients’ success.

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