Multiple services designed to facilitate business and bolster sales

Colabor helps its clients to promote their products and respond more effectively to their own customers’ needs by providing promotional and advertising materials, and sales support.

Since 1988, Colabor has organized an annual exhibition. For three days, industry players – suppliers, distributors, retailers, operators, and restaurants – get together to share views, discover new products, and make purchases. Some 425 producers present over 6,000 products during the exhibition.

The Company also provides a wide range of support services to its distributors, particularly with respect to automated ordering services and technical assistance. Colabor’s order-management system enables customers to place their orders 24/7.

Regional and national accounts

Regional and national chains are particularly well served by Colabor.

  • We develop customized supply programs for your points of sale
  • We coordinate deliveries for each product and each destination
  • You benefit from preferential rates – which are exclusive to you
  • We analyze multiple sales metrics to foster your business development
  • We provide many other services – our representative can discuss them with you in accordance with your business needs and objectives

Clearly, these exclusive services represent huge benefits for regional and national accounts:

  • Substantial savings
  • Effective time-management
  • Streamlined administration and logistics
  • Quickness and agility
  • The right order for the right point of sale
  • Optimized management

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