Customer testimonials

Gabrielle Vallières
Chief-Owner – Restaurant Des trois étoiles


Gabrielle was raised in her parents’ restaurant. “We lived next door, and it was like a home away from home for us,” she says. His father could always count on Colabor, for the quality of the products and the service. The Colabor team were considered friends to us.

For more than a year, Gabrielle’s parents have slowed down and she has gradually taken over the reins. People come for the essentials: butterfly shrimp, pizza, Thai poutine …

“Times are changing, the pandemic has changed a lot of things too, but Colabor remains a precious ally for us, especially with its MENU products. Together, we are like a big family! “


Brent Habib
Chief-Owner – La cuisine maison

When COVID arrived, Brent Habib, owner of La Cuisine Maison since 2002, launched a prepared meals and online ordering service. It was in this context that he became a Colabor customer and was first seduced by the excellent service, which he describes as “A1”

“I get exactly what I ordered, always before lunchtime a very busy time for us. Mr. Habib also appreciates his relationship with the reps: “They know their products and they operate!” In addition, the prices are really affordable. »

In a shor t time, the MENU brand has become a must have. It allows La Cuisine Maison to offer nutritious and quality meals at a reasonable cost.

What simplify the daily lives of families in the neighborhood … and Mr. Habib!

Anthony Nart
Chief-Owner – Évasion

Originally from Belgium, chef Anthony Nart (alias Chefto) shares his exclusive recipes on TVCBF. Always fond of local products and seasonal dishes, Chefto appreciates the wide variety of Quebec foods offered at Colabor

“I have been doing business with Colabor for more than 5 years, and their product line fits very well with my culinary approach, which focuses on freshness and
proximity,” he explains

As the kitchen manager of Complex L’Évasion (including Le Gril Resto-Bar, 19 Lounge and O’Connell’s pub banners), Chefto quickly adopted the MENU brand, which provides him with everything he needs to work his magic and create gastronomic delights.

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